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Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent Magnet Driveheads
Pumping Unit Applications

PMM Driveheads

Additional Information

Backspin control of PCP surface drives is critical to the safe operations of PCP wells. MOST has developed a Patented passive Fail-Safe Braking system that is incorporated into the MOST Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or can be retrofitted to any existing VFD that is being utilized on an existing PCP well application. The passive braking technology will safely control the reverse rotation of the rod string and dissipate the back-spin energy in the PCP system even if the input power is lost to the VFD.

The intuitive/simplistic design of the MOST PMD also eliminates gearboxes, belts, sheaves, and mechanical braking systems that are typically associated with conventional PCP direct driveheads. Improved system mechanical efficiency while significantly reducing costs associated with preventative maintenance and spare parts replacement to add additional operational cost savings benefits to its users.

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